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If you work as a musician or study musical theory, you are probably familiar with what a metronome is and its usability in the musical field.
However, as an alternative to a physical metronome, nowadays it is possible to turn to software solutions, such as DavesMetronome, which can yield quick, adequate results.
Please be aware that this program requires you to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your computer so that it can function as intended.
No installation is needed
Setting up this tool on your system is not required since you only need to unpack its archive's contents and launch the executable component, after you provide it with the necessary dependencies.
Moreover, it does not tamper with any of your Windows' registry entries, nor does it generate additional files or folders on your computer.
User-friendly interface
DavesMetronome packs a simplistic design that encompasses a few interactive functions, thus making it highly accessible to a large number of users, regardless of their PC operating skills.
The main window displays a virtual metronome that you can adjust according to your needs by just clicking the buttons or dragging the sliders. You can modify the tempo, change the volume for both major beats and sub-beats or choose the number of sub-beats by dragging the slider to 0, 1 or 2.
Sound customization
If you are not satisfied with the current sound scheme, the application provides you with an audio library that shelters several other sound effects, which you can easily use to replace your current ones.
Doing so can be easily done by navigating to the Sounds window from the Settings menu and clicking on the desired audio effects for major beats and sub-beats alike.
Lightweight virtual metronome with changeable sound effects
All things considered, DavesMetronome is a handy application that simulates a metronome and lets you modify its tempo, volume and number of sub-beats. More so, it is possible that you can change its default audio scheme by using its built-in sound library. It features a user-friendly interface, intuitive controls and also packs helpful information, to simplify user-software interaction.









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DavesMetronome is a light-weight software program that simulates a metronome.
Using this application you will be able to choose the tempo, as well as the number of sub-beats, while setting the audio volume.
Moreover, this tool allows you to switch between the built-in sound effects or choose other ones from the provided audio library.
Finally, you will be able to see your current tempo with a display that indicates the number of beats played per minute.

What I do need help with:
I am using a notation software for my guitar classes. What I need help with is getting it to read the beat I have written in the score.


A few things to consider:

Perhaps your score is too complicated for davesmetronome to handle. I’ve had much luck just using the metronome command (Windows) or digital tap (OSX) to set the metronome and work from there, then occasionally moving things with the BPM field to make sure the time feels right.
An alternative to davesmetronome is a musical pattern with a strong and “steady” pulse, then a different pattern (sometimes reversed) which has a repeating figure (usually some pitch repeated 4 times) so you can work backwards, adding the percussion part on top of that. That way, you have a pattern with a “strong” pulse, and can slowly work in the other parts over time.
An alternative to a software metronome (esp. on an iPad or smart phone) is to just go with a mechanical one.

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DavesMetronome Free

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Please note that it requires you to have Java Runtime Environment installed on your system, otherwise the application will not function as intended.
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Java ™ 2 Runtime Environment

What’s New in the?

When you launch this application, you are first presented with a virtual metronome, which you can configure according to your needs by clicking the buttons or dragging the sliders.
You can adjust the tempo, change the volume for both major beats and sub-beats, choose the number of sub-beats by dragging the slider to 0, 1 or 2, or choose any of the included sound effects for your metronome.
Once you have configured the application, you can save the settings by clicking on the Save button.
Installing the program's components
To install the program's components, please follow these steps:
To unpack the application's contents, simply double-click on the DavesMetronome.exe file.
After doing so, the application will unpack all of its components on your computer and launch the executable file.
To launch the application, you need to make sure that the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) is installed on your computer, since DavesMetronome is designed to work with this tool.
To download the latest version of the JRE, please refer to this website:

If you prefer, you can simply download the application as a compressed.zip archive, which can be found in the root directory of the download page.
To launch the application, you need to unpack its contents using any standard unzipping tool and just launch the application after doing so.
As always, please remember that DavesMetronome is a free program, distributed under the terms of the GNU GPL.

<b>DavesMetronome</b> is a small program that simulates a metronome by way of a virtual metronome.
This virtual metronome can be easily configured to display the tempo or volume of the major beats, the number of sub-beats, etc.
If you select a different sound, you can save those settings by clicking on the Save button.
What's New in <b>DavesMetronome 2.0</b>
– Now you can choose one of the included sound effects for the metronome, instead of using the default ones.
– Now you can choose between two different themes for the metronome, by simply selecting one or the other from the settings.
– Now you can select a new color scheme for the metronome by choosing one of the included color palettes.

– Now you can set the tempo for the metronome by just clicking the buttons or dragging the sliders.

– Now you can change the time signature for the metronome'

System Requirements For DavesMetronome:

Supported OS: Windows 7, 8, 8.1, 10
Processor: 1 GHz dual core or faster
Memory: 2 GB RAM (Recommended)
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