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How do you adjust the volume level for PCM after recording?

I’m creating a few long PCM samples which I can then switch to GSM.
I’d like the GSM samples to have a lower volume than the PCM samples. How can I do that?
I’ve found Audacity’s built-in equalizer can be configured to do that, but I can’t find any ways to do it in Audacity.


You have this two options for equalizing:

Shift-click on the waveform and use the waveform’s properties (and it’s name) to change its gain.
Open the waveform and then use the properties dialog box (On the bottom right) to change the amount of gain to a value below 100%.

You can change the gain as you like (0 to 100).
Note: If you want a different (lower) volume for PCM than for GSM, you could use the Media Information window to select a bit depth you like better (or you might even just use GSM if you don’t like the PCM).

Where should I send my cell phone number to?


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