VueScan 9.6.35 X64 Launch

VueScan 9.6.35 X64 Launch

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VueScan 9.6.35 X64 Launch

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Ask HN: What DDoS attack types did you get hit with? – rythkuj

I’ve been noticing more and more people complaining on HN about DDoS attacks.I’m curious as to what types of attacks, where/how, what the status of your network/servers/services are, etc.If anyone has data on these, it would be appreciated.
There are three types of attacks that I’ve been experiencing: TCP SYN, DNS
reflector and packet floods.

1\. TCP SYN: The user clicks the link they want to visit and the visiting
computer sends a SYN packet to the server. A SYN is like a handshake with the
web server. Before a request is sent, the client sends a SYN packet to the
server to initiate a connection. If the server accepts the connection, the
client will send an ACK to the server for the SYN in the response. When the
server receives an ACK in response, it will respond with the HTTP request in
the response. If the server rejects the request, the client will receive a RST
from the server.

2\. DNS reflector: A DNS query is like a handshake with a DNS server. When the
server knows how to route the request to the target server, it will respond
with the IP address and port of the target server. If the server rejects the
request, it will respond with a RST.

3\. Packet floods: A packet flood is when a lot of spoofed or malicious TCP
packets are sent to a server. If the packets are spoofed, the packet will
still be processed by the server. If the packets are malicious, the packet
will override the request with malicious data such as a request for a virus or
malicious code.

These are the types of attacks that I’ve been experiencing and the system I’ve
been testing is a PHP server and a MySQL database, running on Ubuntu Linux 10.04.

I have yet to receive any actual DDoS attacks but I suspect that they could be
because I have a firewall between me and the

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