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You can share your design files online with your colleagues and friends and immediately receive comments and feedback. AutoCAD requires a perpetual license to use in both on-premises or cloud environments.

The central design tool of AutoCAD is the drawing canvas, the work area on which objects are created. To draw an object, users open the drawing, choose an object style and position the object on the canvas, and start using the toolbox to draw lines, rectangles, circles and so on. By using the toolbox, users can create very complex shapes in a single step.

Object Styles give your drawings a distinctive look. They are preset forms or templates that you can use to create almost any shape, and you can use them with any tool on the drawing canvas.

You can work with your drawings using a variety of methods, including paper-based drafting methods, screen-based electronic tools, and desktop tools, all of which can be controlled by the graphical user interface (GUI) of AutoCAD.

Modeling: Rectangles, free-form shapes, and polylines

Drawing lines or polygons is the primary way of creating a 2D representation of the real world or of any other three-dimensional (3D) environment. In AutoCAD, the polyline command enables you to create lines, free-form shapes, or polylines.

Drawing Lines and Polylines The basic building block of an AutoCAD drawing is the line or polyline. You can create an unlimited number of polylines, but each polyline is defined by two points or two points and a direction. There are two ways of defining a line or polyline. You can create a line or polyline using the Direct selection tool.

With the Direct Selection tool, you can draw lines in two different ways. You can select an object and use the Direct Selection tool to create the line. Select an object and enter Edit mode by pressing Esc or clicking the object on the drawing canvas. The line tool and its options are shown in Figure 1-1.

Figure 1-1. Drawing lines with the Direct Selection tool

Use the Direct Selection tool to create a line from one point to another. Use the Move tool to move the starting point. Use the line tool to create a line from the starting point to the end point. Using this method, you can draw any line.

With the Direct Selection tool, you can also select a series

AutoCAD For Windows (April-2022)

There are a few AutoCAD Serial Key Add-Ons available in the add-on program:
Plotr, a tool for plotting 2D graphics.
AutoCAD Crack Free Download Snippet Manager, a tool for creating snippets for AutoCAD commands.

AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT are sometimes erroneously referred to as separate products, but they are actually the same program, just separated into different package types, including “AutoCAD Classic”, “AutoCAD LT”, “AutoCAD LT 2016”, and “AutoCAD LT 2017”. These separate package types include different updates and add-ons and file types, but are functionally the same, and can be used interchangeably.

In the early days, AutoCAD lacked a number of features, including:
Freehand tools for lines, circles and squares
Matter Control
Point, line, plane, area, spline, surfaces, and mirror editing
Multiple edit windows
Rectangle snapping
Duplicate objects (and groups)

This led to a number of add-ons and applications to fill these gaps. The “AutoCAD 2000” add-on enabled Freehand tools and lines; the “Bentley” add-on enabled curves; the “Bentley 2” add-on enabled curves and surfaces; and the “AutoCAD 2002” add-on added 2D-grid and duplex-mode editing.

There is also a large number of add-ons for AutoCAD, some of which are quite sophisticated and some of which are very simple. These include:
3D Concrete
Raster – An add-on that enables the import of bitmap images for use with the Raster image editing tools. This is currently built-in to AutoCAD in earlier versions.

Rasterize was discontinued in version 2014.

3D Concrete is discontinued and no longer supported as of AutoCAD 2011.

Raster allows the saving of bitmap images in the DXF and DWG format. The source image must first be converted into a DXF or DWG image to be used with this tool. Once saved, the image can be opened in other 3D software to be manipulated in a similar manner to the raster images in AutoCAD.

AutoCAD 2016 introduced a new UI and new functionality.

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Autocad License Key:
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Activate your Autocad license key using the Autocad Licence Key.

Add the licence key as a user activation key.
Autocad License Key (full version):
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Autocad will activate and show your Autocad user licence agreement.

How to use Autocad 2015/2016 / 17

You have to pay for Autocad and activation key is of 1 year. For 1 year you will receive all updates automatically.

How to get Activation Key for Autocad

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Start Autocad 2.17 trial version.

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Press “I accept” to continue.

Press “Next”.

Start using Autocad 2.17.

Autocad activation will be verified. Press “Next” to continue.

Get a User licence Agreement. Click “Yes” and “Continue”.

Get Autocad activation details. Click “Finish”.

Download the Autocad Activation key.

After the activation is complete, you can use Autocad by entering the Activation Key in the Autocad Menu.

What’s New In AutoCAD?

Add images and diagrams to your drawings as vectors. The import and markup processes create objects from vector images. Use the markup process to quickly turn a picture into an object without creating an additional drawing step. (video: 1:10 min.)

Send and receive comments in real time. The new automated comment function allows users to send and receive comments as comments, rather than as picture messages. (video: 1:08 min.)

Import and edit drawings from Microsoft Visio. The import function allows you to import graphics and annotations from Microsoft Visio into the AutoCAD drawing environment.

Newly added support for Microsoft Visio 2016, 2018, 2019.


AutoCAD now supports longer text strings. The MAXSTR command helps you to enter text strings that are longer than eight characters.

The text system has new support for the Persian language, which is read from right to left.

Drawing and annotation tools now have a new blue color.


You can now import PDF files as linked layers. You can import and export PDF files with the same changes you make to the current document.

The option to clear filters from recently imported files is now on the File menu.

Additional improvements to the import function have been made.

Undo and Redo commands have been added for importing files.


New services can create custom licenses for their clients.

Print settings are now remembered when the connection to the print server is lost.

Standard and extended profiling has been added to the Profiler option.


The Select and Show/Hide commands have a new behavior that allows you to access drawings that were opened or hidden by the user. (video: 2:30 min.)

You can now copy and paste text and annotations from within a drawing. (video: 1:50 min.)

Duplicate objects have been added to the Move, Rotate, Scale, Align, and Mirror commands.

The Link command has been improved.

The double-click command is now accessible on the menu bar.

The keyboard shortcuts for the Link command have been added.

Command History:

You can now jump back to previous selections.

The Hint function has been added to the selection, tool

System Requirements:

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